About us

One day, I was surfing around Facebook, and I saw this picture on one of my friend's timelines: 

And dozens of women (some mutual friends) were bemoaning this problem. I clicked on the image to see the original post and there were thousands likes, shares, and comments. 

This was a problem. I didn't realize anyone else but me had that problem. I wasn't alone!

Being a long-time seamstress (I've been sewing since I was 7), I began to research the worn-out thigh problem. There were dozens of articles about how women couldn't get more than 6-7 months out of their jeans. There were even more begging the universe to make their thighs thinner so they'd have a "thigh gap."

Further research showed me that there were tricks out there that would extend the life of jeans by one or two months. I started to research all of them and found a combination that would strengthen the denim and reduce friction. But the methods I had researched online only fixed a patch of fabric. Along the edges, I would still experience threadbare and ripped sections around the edge.

So, I went back to the drawing board. I took my new technique and tested it out on larger and larger areas until I had applied it to the whole leg of the jeans. 

Then I made my first pair of mermaid jeans. Actually, I made a half pair. I lined one leg with my technique and left the other as I would have made it. And, sure enough, the side without my lining was pristine when the other side started to wear out, and it wasn't even touched when it ripped the first time.

(You can even see the patch I put in to lengthen the pair's life!)

So, I decided that women everywhere deserved Mermaid Jeans, and here we are now!

Mermaid Jeans is coming to Kickstarter!